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or to see some clear movie on shore. the temperatures numbingly in the '50's and '40's and parts of the north bay. >>> gesture of and that roadwork out there to slow you down. his allied look of a class of golden gate bridge. i have one leg "directions across the span. it finds them to pay and work on somewhat one. >>> gun a little piece of american space history and it's all this way here to california. >>> the space shuttle endeavor lifted off for the kennedy space center is being carried to acidulous atop a modified jumbo jet. endeavor will stop in houston and on its wooded edwards air force base today. it's expected to be flown over the bay area before landing at lax. in the race for the white house a new poll shows president obama is gaining ground in free swing states he considered key to his reelection. >>> these numbers come 48 days away from the election and it shows obama is pulling away from romney. most likely to determine the election. according to a poll rummy is losing loved in the states in colorado president obama's now as the lead on romney. energy and wisconsin
. would and joined the last full day of summer. temperatures and in the '70s and '80s and and a lot of '60s and '70s in the day. what of the rest of " just coming up. >>> the mideast and traffic implications for folks trying to head out to see the flyover later today. what one might be busy through monday. also the gun and did this is the abuse until this was what did nothing right now. we have so little money construction most of it has been cleared for a two- minute ride into san francisco. you might see this is lynch closed in that area. >>> new this morning black put is reporting massive outages in europe. the company said it is largely working to fix those troubles right not at also apologizes for the inconvenience. the interruption occurs just as apple fans of finally getting reforms. >>> i'm here in union square at the apple store were about a hundred people have camped at overnight for a long anticipated release of the new phone. the release comes almost the year after the death of apple founder steve jobs. she says is why she's been hisses greeted yesterday afternoon. >>> because
-american demonstrations. in afghanistan hunters the protestors are clashing with police and marching toward the u.s. military base near kabul. incumbent will it's a dead air was thick with smoke and protesters burned one police car and then drew walks toward the u.s. military base. the clubs there are chanting death to america and afghan police are single shot in the air to hold back the crowds. protest and pakistan turned deadly yesterday. hundreds of people in the northwest region set fire to the press club and a government office police officials say they charged the crowd and beat them with batons. at least one protester was killed. u.s. officials say all americans and said the mission are safe. u.s. ambassador chris stevens were premeditated or part of a mass protests over the entire muslim film. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says the ad that appears to be a spontaneous demonstration that extremists took over. the as president says it was a well- planned attack. >>> -t was clear that there were extremist elements that jordan escalated of violence. whether they were affiliate's based instrume
>>> u.s. ambassador to libya at christopher stephens the three other americans are dead after protesters in he had. it's nice. stevens was born and raised in northern california he is a graduate degree in houston berkeley and a j.d. from the university of southern california have hastings college it happened on to state government charged the consulate and set fire to the building. protesters but andrew l. a film that criticizes mohammad. is to translate into arabic and posted on you too. >>> don't make of people angry. because they will kill you. pitt >>> the towards the american flag and replace it with an islamic better. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton insisted mid sang is no justification for violent acts. it is not been confirmed by the state department and it is unclear whether they were killed as part of the attack on the consulate in the city. >>> of the sudden 91 people or a kit after funniest look at two factories in pakistan. most of those killed were of a garment factory to achieve today. the shoe factory could be the victims were unable to escape because t
and help. the opposite of he had a gun in both officers or a kid. >>> u.s. officials on high alert in the field of the demonstrations will escalate to the day after several muslim clerics called muslims to join the protest after the traditional for the clippers could clashes in palo upper throwing it lacks the police and some police tried to use tear gas to disperse them. this last them to manila to mid anti islamic film hit which it was were the first demonstrations winnipeg from came up. it's part of the islamic duty to protect foreign embassies and gas in the country. permission on the tax in libya. of the militants pick used are used protest as a cover to attack the consulate in benghazi. u.s. officials believe the radical an offshoot of the kid is likely behind the deadly attacks. president obama issued a warrant to tell our spiritual i want and will run the world to me and those who would do is form of terrorism or go unpunished. >>> ken & source tells cbs five that the and after that will set the investigation back into the 30 american survivors of the attack could the survi
is an affront to the day and some of the ballot is prepared the temperatures 70's and 80's england. out towards the coast like the these and '60s with patchy fog even cooler weather. >>> a few co-workers notice as rubber, are heading to san francisco this morning. no. but what wanted to 80 connector. the offer with closure eastbound but however for. closed until 530 this morning. was however for commuter is the moving at top speeds. more road what hit no. 880 enterprise 16th. this is a live look near the coliseum were in north and software everything looks great the appeared mass- transit also in the start. this is the trend of axle and everything is going nicely and up the ructions all along the peninsula. >>> a cut its north africa and which is calling for more demonstrations and attacks on american diplomats to protect his interest is on video. in afghanistan at least four people are dead after an attack by a female suicide bomber in cobble to the police say the bomber had traversed all sedan into a minibus caring for the aviation workers. eight of the victims were from south africa. a spoke
were injured. the yellow county d.a.'s office charges against officers and the uc davis ever split into that last year. there is insufficient evidence to establish gun in >>> a little slow going to temperatures in chile and smut. outside with at least august of this. most that is looking clear look of a blue showing a map in the north bit of good doctor 43 degrees in some of was that more into this off with 53 in san jose. the rich is going to be this summer to yesterday. the '60s and '70s around a bit. what we want things up before the end of summer? >>> the rebels slipped a good once abundant on was open on may 1st heading towards gold ended bridge. roadwork this warning in both directions of the dumbarton and bridge between university a lot of good in the westbound direction it should be wrapped up the next two minutes. the summons of highway 4 at leverage. you confused on where to get back onto the freeway. >>> republican mitt romney is trying to improve its poor numbers on non hispanic voters. he answered questions about in their immigration yesterday at a forum for the spanis
quiet today. mid-90s throughout the central valley. 74 degrees for up highs year. a '60s in eureka. monterey bit in the mid-60s. his 62, around the and the beaches. 84 degrees the morgan hill about three degrees below average in san jose. to the no. 84 in santa rosa in mid- 60s and seven cisco. perce friday and saturday it or to be little work. >>> you could see that everything is going nicely into separate cisco. someone's got mad at them early this morning. just over that road work out there that could slow you down. north and others will follow on going into the war over berlin county. they usually do that much on time. along the peninsula stretches of north elba one. in the meantime we have the fed through closure of these benefit lanes of highway 4. >>> another push as president obama to the so-called balanced fund bus leaks to the nc. the president is reaching mitt romney off 51 to 46%. >>> what to do with the children? that's a question for hundreds of thousands of parents in chicago. this the second day of a teachers' strike in the nation's third largest school district. th
has led to the u.s. embassy in yemen. this is a latest wave of violence over american made anti muslim movie that made. a large group of protesters tried to storm the building and a half doesn't reach the gate some apparently tried to break the windows and protesters failed to make it inside. witnesses say security guards tried to hold them off by " all the info in the air. security is restored in yemen condemns acts of violence against democrat. hot diplomatic personnel clashes became but again. you could see the scene of appeals for me that appear the security forces had divided teargas to disperse the crowd. hundreds of demonstrators threw rocks. some protesters could carry control bombs. the egyptian people reject such an unlawful acts. libyan ambassador christopher stevens and three other store americans were killed when gunmen attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >>> but now the west is moving warships toward the libyan coast preparing to track the suspected of a truce with surveillance runs. we want to make note that impacted the but protest is not a sedating pot poli
disaster and price could reach hundreds of 20's of millions of dollars. safety violations led to that explosion appeared set and new event vacation. officials said the focus would be on the company's plan to protect workers in the event of a pipe leak at a one that led to the richmond explosion and fire to suppress artists. >>> the cable company is disconnecting of three of its california call centers at the end of november and running the jobs out of state. the closures of about zero thousand employees. 700 right here in the bay area they have two options to or in colorado or washington or take the severance package. >>> where you going to do? >>> of my mother didn't take although things of life into consideration. >>> the cost of doing business in california it is simply too hard they said. >>> the big time weather in the big time shall looking good. we may even some clearing and towards the coast this week in. we are stockton with local mods. he see the clubs extend along the california coastline. that is going to begin new break up at. 54 and 7 cisco 51 center rose up. a l
s and the balance. as far will try to to to is going to be cool in the '50s and '60s in the day. >>> is a level of the conditions or want any. no taxes to report. there is road to the floor in the area as you were to wear no. but didn't between 66 and high street compared. gordon of but she must use of limited visibility this morning. give yourself some time. 7101 from 5 a.m. to 7 cisco past the golden gate bridge plaza about it but the minute drive. >>> a united nations general assembly as a lot on his plate as it meets this week. civil war in some of pilot attacks the in egypt. had the possibility of a run developing a nuclear weapon. >>> president obama has some tough words for a running a president. and is prepared remarks the president will tell the world that a nuclear poses a threat to israel pushing gulf nations in the global economy. he will say that is why the united states what we must to prevent the robber from a kidney into weapons. every option available that includes the military option remains on the table. >>> let's imagine that we have an atomic weapon. what in
to build and. the pitchers not too bad this morning '50s in most parts of the bay area. expect a dozen sunshine and some comfortable weather as we have for the day. the numbers will be heating up outside. likely going to see some upper 80s and low 90s in the valleys. a lot of sissies out towards the coastline. much warmer weather is warm away. >>> having to december to abridge what accident is pretty spell 92 us what your towards a toll plaza. an image of the list to the freeway or the rich who wants to head east towards the toll plaza. road work on the dumbarton bridge until about 530 this morning. san red rump hansard or to seize and enclosures for construction. that should be there for about the next half hour. east on highway 4 we have a full free with closure and the obi affect single for cochrane >>> investigators are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a man in a quiet oakland neighborhood. just after 630 last night when this is city her multiple gunshot on vermont street. officers arrived to find a man with at least one gunshot wound city into a parked car. he was pronoun
and it was a very sad. >>> he will perform done here there is no speed limit posted. >>> the driver of the s e v remained at the scene drug for our call to not appear to the plate and factor in that accident. >>> james was picked up wednesday on suspicion of lewd acts with a child under 14. last night against the amended he answers from school officials at the meeting. >>> it's just another a symbol of these people need to be thoroughly its simmons before they are around our children. >>> the district contacted police after receiving a complaint on monday. he is free on one budget thousand dollars bail. the santa clara principal or arrested for drug charges will be reluctant court today. he allegedly offered drugs to a mock apple undercover officer. investigators funds amassed guns and. >>> a man suspected of leading a woman at gunpoint as the wind chill. the woman was walking on watt trio when the attacker to pressure from the hon. he threatened her with a semiautomatic handgun before raping her. police arrested the the 30 look not far from home the car seat. including charges include rape and
in england. the numbers tomorrow about the same as it were yesterday. none is in london 70's around a bit. i will bet that the is one car on the gold in woodbridge. >>> as a good time of reopening of five the cockpit in the meantime used alternate bridges. there is one car on highway 237. the quiet on the gun and a glitch. i'm still living for ecology come through. >>> the track to finish the with your foot work on the dumbarton bridge tomorrow. were the reasons the budget is on schedule is because it's the same work they did over memorial day weekend >>> the with the concrete structures made the steal. where to put a seismic jordashot withe to me. >>> the dumbarton bridge is rescheduled to be opened by 5:00 tomorrow morning. in sentences scope fremont street is so close as well. this is part of the new transit center prepared the also installing a temporary bridge to help keep traffic moving as the continued to look. >>> of federal and state courts and offices are closed on labor day. that also goes for post offices and banks. if you're taking public transit and aware that the opera and on
and is a cut of 52 but the truth is in some of the scope. plenty of 70's and said the bay. the decency's patchy fog our coastline. warmer weather is our coastline. >>> firefighters in washington said of making progress on the destructive wild fire. the and more than 30,000 a. and destroyed two cabins. nearly 600 homes still remain threatened. a father could grow and combine with a second fire nearby. >>> as new as we figure about 2 mi. away and was about as close as a dog could be the see the fire. >>> official said if the two planes were to merge it would be held because resources could combine to concentrate on one place. at least four homes are destroyed in eastern said the the county. a more homes are for at modify a. the fire started about noon yesterday within three hours people work and being told had to evacuate the area. if not centuries have been reported. >>> a return to prime time for president obama and republican challenger mitt romney. both men appeared last night on 60 minutes. grumman had this to say. a " crisis of that is plans for the nation of big pitch as a delay of two pri
and lead. the cited the low 70's. high pressure continues to go in and drop the entire state of california. sunshine for most. girl with temperatures and the opportunities that northwestern corner of california. 67 degrees a moderate day. , short on the griddle lento. in the '70s. and we jump into low eighties in morgan hill pitting gilroy and san jose cops off that 70's. was to be of the west and the round of 10 mi. to hour. san francisco will be quite seasonal in the mid-60s. we are talking about mid-90s offshore flow by thursday through the weekend. >>> to dump towards the south bay will have a photographer. the headlights are moving north come toward center club. all this stuff but looks pretty good. out of his were heading towards foster city. going to our maps. had to step is just another red closure not affect much longer. that is according to caltrans on the northbound to a this stuff about what one connector. the summons of highway 4 is a full freeway closed in effect. you could see the gap in our senses in that area. >>> more than 90 people killed in a bombing and gun attacks in
. a lot of fifties outside. are going to clear the skies to mostly sunny this afternoon. upper 80s in lint and a lot of sun and such debate. a little cool though as we head into the second half of the weekend. the loews could start to drop an end to influence our weather. but such as would be hot in houston with a list of the skies. it's thunderstorms in the chicago area. around the bases sunshine this afternoon's 78 and the senator's a 76 in palo alto and of 72 in hayward. 81 degrees in the napa valley. pick these up towards the coast line. sixties towards separates the scope and upper 70's and santa rosa. the ridge of high pressure builds back up tuesday and wednesday. >>> if you doing any traveling up in the one country this weekend since expect some with long delays. that's from chp didn't dissipating work on the so much well liked at oakville crossroad. the critics sent into monday and tuesday of next week. as a pass to and coliseum and the major black rights all the way towards downtown. all of the bridges are a problem for so far this morning. mass-transit off to a good start no del
to be to see is the '90s and. but six is an 70's around the bay. >>> overnight room work out on the golden gate bridge on the stock tumbling. let look from oakland. in the meantime the road work this hard for the san ramon valley. have a fluffy for a quick closure in this bit closer antioch. >>> because for a brought success isn't about how much money you make it's about the difference to make in people's lives. >>> democrats soon for the postal address that in north. last as she stepped up once again. >>> the shuttle, had everyone on the convention floor on their feet. >>> i love the show obama. >>> i have seen firsthand that being president doesn't change to you are. it reveals who you are. >>> she said this president is a man who's about bringing in family values mean that he will look out for all americans. >>> that's why he cut taxes for working families and small businesses. and fought to get the other industry back on its feet. >>> what a facility stayed mostly away from politics keynote speaker julio castro spoke of right in. >>> four years ago america stood on the brink of a depression
see some of the club study of the sierra nevada as well. temperatures right now in the '50s hand by the afternoon sat in the cooler in the peace in the valley. >>> we are here to nominate a president. and oncof the one in mind. >>> have to be nominated for reelection by one of his predecessors president bill clinton. >>> president obama made a surprise appearance onstage with president clinton at the democratic national convention on wednesday. president obama listen backstage from bill clinton nominated him for a second term. i want to nominate a man who school on the outside who burns for america on the inside. >>> he turned his sights on two more runs in a home run. >>> we left in a total mess. he had been cleaned up fast enough. >>> is the arithmetic. we simply cannot afford to give the reins of government to someone who will double down on a triple them. >>> president clinton's speech electrified the crowd. >>> he was absolutely bill clinton. >>> cruisers was to be breaking down the stage and setting up at the outdoor bankamerica's stadium but the threat of severe forest con
s standing in the street naked. >>> with the fog and low clouds around the bay this morning. temperatures are going to cool just slightly today. the democratic national convention this week after the republicans last week played by hurricane is sick that's all that's left of lies sick. it will trigger a few thundershowers as it moves on to the eastern seaboard. a dense fog of the golden gate bridge. high pressure over the eastern pacific and low pressure that will begin a little bit later. it will close down a little bit. out the door this morning i will have partly sunny skies of the coast given a little bit of time. the they will have partly cloudy. we the members of the mostly in the '70s today for the forecast. 78 from milpitas and 80 degrees than in morgan hill. only six degrees in stinson beach. petaluma 82. 68 degrees in richmond. but was up to 71 today. more sense of . >>> he made as much as a location that opt for a nonprofit industry. the initial reports just coming into our newsroom saying there's a possible chlorine leak. then maybe some street boxes of the 400 b
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